FireFit Course - Rules and Requirements


FireFit Competitions are open to medically cleared fire/rescue personnel as well as enrolled, medically cleared pre-fire service school students. All competitors must sign a waiver and release form prior to accessing the course. 



False Start (Starting before starter says ‘Go’)

2 seconds

Hi-Rise pack not staying in or on box on top platform

2 seconds

Donut roll not staying in or on box on top platform

2 seconds

Donut Roll / Hi-Rise pack falling off top platform


Not touching every step on way down tower

2 seconds / step

Not finishing Force Machine Task

2 seconds / inch

Hammer not staying in contact with square

2 seconds

Missing hydrant on run

5 seconds / hydrant

Knocking over a hydrant on the run

2 seconds / hydrant

Not knocking down target with water stream

2 seconds

Hose not advanced through doorway

2 seconds per square

Not closing nozzle

5 seconds

Interfering with another Competitor

5 seconds

Spiking of mannequin

2 seconds

Gaming Timing System

10 Seconds or Disqualification at Course Marshall's Discretion

Un-sportsmanlike behaviour - Includes throwing of equipment, cheating, foul and abusive language

10 Seconds or Disqualification at Course Marshall's Discretion

Untucked tongues/Boots over pants/Jacket undone

5 seconds

Not NFPA Structural Fire Fighting Boots

10 seconds

RELAY Additional Penalties

Exchange Not grasp to grasp

2 seconds

Not completing task prior to exchange

2 seconds

Flashlight falling off tower (Seeding Round)

10 Seconds

Flashlight falling off tower (Knockout Rounds)


Touching Equipment prior to exchange (rope, nozzle, Randy)

2 Seconds

Flashlight may NOT be carried in mouth


Untucked tongues/Boots over pants/Jacket undone

5 seconds

Not NFPA Structural Fire Fighting Boots

10 seconds

Tech2 Relay Additional Penalties

Failure to don SCBA correctly

2 seconds per strap pulled minimum of 1 inch

Pack must be donned with both feet on the ground

2 seconds per step

Incomplete securing of cylinder (Velcro strap secured)

2 seconds

Outside bottle Exchange Zone

2 seconds

Untucked tongues/Boots over pants/Jacket undone

5 seconds

Not NFPA Structural Fire Fighting Boots

10 seconds



Equipment - 2022 Update - NO LOANER GEAR AVAILABLE !!

The spirit of the FireFit Event is to showcase the demands of Fire Fighting. It is a firefighting competition and you are to be dressed as you would at the scene of a fire.

SCBA is provided and must be worn by all participants.  All competitors must compete in protective equipment.

Competitors may use their own face piece, no modifications to the face piece are permitted. Competitors must finish the event without running out of air. The face shield may be removed and the balaclava is not required for competition. Painting of helmets is allowed no other adjustments or additions may be made. 

All turnout gear must be labelled for structural firefighting, including boots, helmet, gloves, pants & jacket and must have NFPA 1971 labels attached. Modification of gear null and voids the NFPA rating and will disqualify the gear from use on the course. Gear will be visually inspected and approved for use prior to race.  All gear must be in good condition with no holes, rips, missing liners, no frayed hems etc. Helmets must be complete including inner thermal liner.  NFPA Labels must still be attached. 

Boot Requirements

Competitor boots must meet all of the following requirements: All boots must be labeled NFPA 1971 structural firefighting boots.

Boots must be a minimum height of 12".

Heels must be 1/2" to 1" high, minimum 90 - 135 degree angle.

Boots must be in good condition with no modifications allowed.

Gear must be worn in the same manner it would be as at the scene of a fire.

Resoled boots must be done so with approved NFPA 1971 Vibram soles.  The soles that meet this standard are:  Montagna, Olympia.  Any other sole is not allowed.

Inspectors will inspect all gear prior to participation and make official rulings on all questions regarding the gear to be used on the racecourse.  

Competitors must start and finish the course with all equipment, i.e. SCBA, turnouts, helmet, gloves & boots.

If any article is lost or dropped in the course of the competition a competitor must retrieve the item and replace it correctly before continuing. Unfortunately, disqualification will result if items are not replaced.

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