Who's Coming

Event: FireFit Canadian & World Championships - Wild Card Wednesday - Sep 7, 2022

Event Type: Individual

(For competitors NOT on a team)
Name Category Department
1 Steve Baker [M] Over 60 London Fire & Rescue
2 Jeff Boyd [M] Over 55 Yukon Fire Marshal's Office
3 Grace Brousseau [F] Men Lambton College
4 Ivan Brown [M] Over 55 Ottawa Fire Department
5 Kelly Campbell [F] Women Cambridge Fire Department
6 Kevin Coffey [M] Over 40 St. Catharines F.D.
7 Pascal Duelge [M] Men Berufsfeuerwehr Neubrandenburg
8 Heiko Gehrke [M] Over 55 Berufsfeuerwehr Neubrandenburg
9 Beckham Georgiou [M] Men Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters
10 Nick Gutierrez [M] Men Lambton College
11 Ethan Healey [M] Men Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters
12 Magnus Hirschfeld [M] Over 50 Feuerwehr Seesen
13 Gurjit Hundal [M] Men Vancouver Fire & Rescue
14 Dietmar Kirsch [M] Over 55 BUNDESWEHR-FEUERWEHR
15 Meghann Krueger [F] Women Feuerwache Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
16 Martin Lauer [M] Men Cologne Fire Department
17 Aaron Makkinga [M] Over 40 Shell Scotford ERT
18 Patrick May [M] Over 40 Hanna Fire Department
19 Steve Mcaleer [M] Over 65 CFB Gagetown
20 Alex Meyer [M] Men Hannover Fire Department
21 Anna Möller [F] Women Freiwillige Feuerwehr Rösrath
22 Gerd Mueller [M] Over 55 Spangdahlem Air Base
23 Myron Penner [M] Over 45 Yukon Fire Marshal's Office
24 Dalton Penner [M] Men Yukon Fire Marshal's Office
25 Daniela Primus [F] Women Over 40 Hannover Fire Department
26 Maxime Royer [M] Over 40 Rocky View County Fire
27 Trevor Russell [M] Men Ajax Fire & Emergency Services
28 Dee-Anne Seward [F] Men Saskatoon Fire Department
29 Brad Shearing [M] Men Syncrude Fire Department
30 Ralf Sikorra [M] Over 55 Freiwillige Feuerwehr Neuss
31 Eric Studerus [M] Over 45 Everett Fire Department
32 Alyssa Zirul [F] Women Lambton College

Event Type: Team

Name Category Team Name Department
1 Tyrell Jones [M], Adam Mongeau [M], Zac Ploughman [M], Andrew Weaver [M] Men Calgary Fire Department Calgary Fire Department
2 Duane Bolin [M], Jeff Gerlinger [M], Keith Hodgson [M], Jonathan Molzahn [M] Men Drumheller Fire Department - Drumheller Fire Department Drumheller Fire Department
3 Justin Truchan [M] Men Edmonton Fire & Rescue - Bolin and The Boys Edmonton Fire & Rescue
4 Joseph Dostaler [M], Katherine Heidler [F], Chris Link [M], Ryan Rupert [M] Men Edson & District Fire Dept. Edson & District Fire Dept.
5 Liam Cole [M], Cameron Leonard [M], Amber Milley [F], Greggory Sheedy [M], Madelyn Van Vliet [F] Men Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters - Fleming Misfits Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighters
6 Mike Filer [M], Ryan Hallam [M], Steve Magnus [M], Anthony Storey [M] Men Fredericton Fire Department Fredericton Fire Department
7 Shane Kennedy [M], Cyril Osmond [M], Brad Pinksen [M], Mike Zseder [M] Men Iron Ore Company of Canada - IOC First Pick Iron Ore Company of Canada Emergency Response Team
8 Ronald Brazil [M], Mark Brophy [M], Lori Butt [F], Jordan Parrill [M], Robin Porter [F] Men Iron Ore Company of Canada - The Leftovers Iron Ore Company of Canada Emergency Response Team
9 Lucas Bork [M], Brandon Lyons [M], Byanungu Ngakira [M], Brandon Stewart [M], Stewart Walsh [M] Men Lambton College - Lambton College Fire School - MEN Lambton College
10 Adrian Cook [M], Jason Labash [M], Steven Seymour [M] Over 40 Medicine Hat FireFit Team Medicine Hat Fire Department
11 Daniel Deschatelets [M], Eric Einagel [M], Jeremy Flinter [M], Tom Haughn [M], Marisa Tremblay [F] Men Ottawa Fire Department Ottawa Fire Department
12 Kirby Benning [M], Randall Dyck [M] Over 50 Regina Fire Department - The Experienced Regina Fire Department
13 Brad Dicks [M], Carla Morrison [F], David Murray [M] Mixed Strathcona County Fire Department Strathcona County Fire Department
14 Darryl Hoetmer [M], Jordan King [M], Paul Ofrim [M] Men Team: Edmonton Fire & Rescue - Dirty Mike and The Boys (Men) Edmonton Fire & Rescue

Event Type: Team Relay

Name Category Team Name Department
1 Daniel Berger [M], Martin Lauer [M], Alex Meyer [M], Anna Möller [F], Daniela Primus [F] Mixed Hannover / Cologne - HYBRID

Event Type: X3 Relay

Name Category Team Name Department
1 Martin Lauer [M], Anna Möller [F] Mixed Cologne / Rosrath FD - HYBRID
2 Andrew Kencis [M], Tristan Meade [M] Men Cupcake & Dino Yellowhead Fire Department
3 Anna Möller [F], Daniela Primus [F] Women German Ladies - HYBRID Women
4 Magnus Hirschfeld [M], Gerd Mueller [M] Over 50 Haix Wild 50's - HYBRID 1
5 Dietmar Kirsch [M], Ralf Sikorra [M] Over 50 Haix Wild 50'S - HYBRID 2
6 Daniel Berger [M], Daniela Primus [F] Mixed Hannover Fire Department - Mixed
7 Heiko Gehrke [M], Robert Green [M] Over 50 Kent / German - HYBRID Over 50
8 Pascal Duelge [M], Meghann Krueger [F] Mixed Neubrandenburg / Berlin - HYBRID
9 Troy Grant [M], Brad Shearing [M] Men Syncrude Fire Department - Smoke Syncrude Fire Department
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